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S Moe Z is an established artist born in 1977 in Zalun, Ayarwady Division, Myanmar. He studied at the State School of Fine Art in Yangon under renowned artists such as U Saw Than Naing, U Than Kywe, U Myint Maung, U Aung Ba, U Win Tint, U Thein Soe, Ko Thant Zin (Orient), U Thet Oo, U Myat Tun Aung, U Kyaw Ohn & U Kuaw Thu Hein. S Moe Z’s paintings are characterized by a strong contrast between light and dark which he believes represents the suffocating nature of life in Myanmar, where hope is just a dim flicker in the darkness. The main subject of his paintings are monks and nuns, who are depicted against a black background, emphasizing the light and creating a sense of contrast.

S Moe Z’s artwork “Searching for the Truth” is considered one of his masterpieces and showcases his deep understanding of the value of light and dark in his paintings. In this artwork, the subject is a monk who is searching for the truth, symbolized by the light. The dark background represents the darkness of the world and the suffocation that many people face in their daily lives. The contrast between light and dark creates a powerful visual that evokes a sense of hope amidst the darkness.

The idea behind this painting is that the truth is often hidden and can only be found by searching for it. The figure of the monk represents the seeker, who is willing to explore the unknown and find the truth. The light symbolizes the knowledge that can be gained through this journey, while the dark background represents the obstacles and difficulties that the seeker may encounter along the way. This painting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also holds a deep concept that resonates with the audience. It showcases the artist’s deep understanding of the human experience and the universal themes of truth, hope, and the search for meaning in life. “Searching for the Truth” is a testament to S Moe Z’s exceptional artistic talent and ability to convey complex ideas through his work.

S Moe Z has exhibited his work in a number of group and solo exhibitions both domestically in Myanmar and internationally in countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Taiwan. His work has been well received and has been featured in several prestigious exhibitions such as the Art Revolution in Taipei and the XXII International Exhibition in Triennale Milano, Italy. Additionally, his work is part of the permanent collection at the Funf Kontinente Museum in Munich, Germany.


“I appreciate the value of light. Because of light, we can feel and see all objects. In my paintings, I always paint darkness in order to appreciate light. Without light, everything is impossible. The dark in the paintings represents suffocation in this country where most people are trying to survive. There is only very little hope, which is like a dim flickering light.

The main feature of my composition is the contrast between dark and light. The subject of my work – monks and nuns – is almost incidental; I have featured them because the color of their robes goes well with black.

I under-paint the canvas black, and then I draw the figures directly. I take pleasure in omitting the shadows and just painting the light against the deep black background.

How long I take to finish the paintings depends on my emotion. Sometimes, it takes about two weeks, sometimes about one month.”


Group Show

1998 14 Faces Art Exhibition, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon

1998 Mother’s day Exhibition, Yangon

1998 New Plantation Group Show, National Museum, Yangon

1999 New Nursery Art Show National Museum, Yangon

2001 New Nursery Art Show Group Show, Yangon

2002 Unity Art Show, Yangon

2004 The Breeze Group Show, Yangon

2007 99 Classic, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

2008 99 Classic, Thamada Hall, Yangon

2008 Art Field, Group Show, Yangon

2009 Art Field, Group Show, Yangon

2010 99 classic group show, Yangon

2010 Art Field, Group Show, Yangon

2011 Kayin Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon

2011 To the Beach Art Show, Cyan Bay Art Gallery, Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State.

2011 Best painting of the Year Exhibition of final list, Yangon.

2011 Dancing Hue Art Show, Bogyoke Market, Yangon.

2012 July Image Art Exhibition, Taw Win Center, Yangon.

2012 Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery, Yangon.

2012 Kayin Diary, Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon.

2013 Color Rain Art Show (Orient Art Gallery)

2015 3rd Northern Breeze Group Art Exhibition, Myanmar Artists Organization (Central) Gallery, Yangon

2015 Save and Save Art Exhibition, The Yangon Gallery, Yangon

2016 10/10 Anniversary Exhibitions, River Gallery, Yangon 2017 Yangon Art Expo 2017, Junction City Tower, Yangon

2017 Myanmar 2050, River Gallery Artists Annual Exhibition, River Gallery, Yangon

2017 Yangon Art Expo, Yangon

2019 Karen Dirary, Yangon Gallery, Yangon

2020 99 Classic, OK Gallery, Yangon

Abroad Exhibitions

2007 Art from Myanmar, Group Show, New York, USA

2009 Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, HK

2010 Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA

2010 New Beginning Group show, Princeton, USA

2011 Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA

2011 Five Myanmar Painters, Group Show, Kingstion, USA

2011 Eye on Burma Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2012 Burma Rising, Group Exhibition, NY, USA

2012 Anniversary Art Show of the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2013 Wonder in the land-Group Exhibition, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Leading Lights/New Works (Vietnam/Burma/Cambodia), ARTA gallery, Toronto, Canada (May)

2014 Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Burma / Vietnam / Cambodia: Leading Lights, Group Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

2014 Funf Kontinente Museum – Group exhibition, Munich, Germany

2015 Myanmar in motion, group show, LWH Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016 Giving Hands, Art Exhibition for Mae Tao Clinic Fundraising, Thailand

2016 Winter Breeze, Special art exhibition with Myanmar & Thailand artists, Border Line Gallery

2017 Myanmar Art Italy, Milan, Italy

2018 Myanmar Rising, Retour De Voyage Art Gallery, France

2019 Myanmar Participation at XXII International Exhibition, Triennale Milano, Italy

2019 Art Revolution, Taipei

Solo Exhibition

2017 Light Poem, Yangon

Museum Collection

Funf Kontinente Museum, Munich, Germany


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