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Min Thu Thurein is a multi-talented contemporary artist, poet, and performance artist from Myanmar. Born in 1982 in Taungoke town, Rakhine State, Min Thu Thurein draws inspiration from his life experiences and the world around him, creating powerful and thought-provoking works of art.

As a poet, Min Thu Thurein has published over 100 poems in various magazines, as well as 10 collective poem books and a solo poem book entitled “Nauk Tie Nauk Tauk” in 2014. As a performance artist, he has participated in over 50 group exhibitions, showcasing his unique vision and artistic talents to audiences in Myanmar.

Min Thu Thurein’s exhibitions are a true expression of his innermost thoughts and feelings. From his solo exhibitions, “Bohemian Life” (2010), “Childhood” (2012), and “The Outsider Crows” (2015), to his duet exhibitions with Artist Yee Nan Thike, “Freedom of the Song” (2016), and Artist Hla Win Aung, “Bewilder” (2018), Min Thu Thurein’s works captivate audiences with their raw emotion and powerful themes.

His latest solo exhibition “The Wild Horses” is coming up in 2023. He continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, showcasing his exceptional skills and creative vision. Whether through his paintings, poems, or performances, Min Thu Thurein is a true inspiration to art lovers and collectors alike, and his work will continue to leave a lasting impact for years to come.


2002        Collective Show at Yoe Yar Art Exhibition, Bogyoke Market, Yangon

2010       ‘Bohemian Life’ solo exhibition

2012       ‘Childhood’ Art Exhibition

2012       ‘Moving, Existential Silent or Vacuum’ – Solo Art Movement

2013       ‘Still Alive’ – Solo Expression

2014       ‘Still Alive II’ – Solo Expression

2015       ‘The Outsider Crows’ – Solo Expression

2015       ‘My Rangon, My Home’ – The passenger by bus [Expression Art by Moving]

2016       ‘Freedom of the Song’ – a duet art exhibition with Artist Yee Nan Thike

2017       ‘BNW’ – Solo Expression

2017       ‘Suddenly’ – Solo Expression for a month

2018       ‘Bewilder’ – A duet art exhibition with Artist Hla Win Aung

2022       ‘Try Expression – A trio art exhibition with Artist Kyi Aung Kyaw and Artist Athurein Soe

2023       ‘The Wild Horses’ – the solo exhibition is coming up.


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